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“And then there was Nivaldo Allves. His vocal range is immense. He played the “Sweet Transvestite” with so much pleasure, that the audience interrupted him several times with applause. He sings Tom Jones better than Tom Jones and shows his sense of humor as the third singer of “The Dream Girls”. THAT is how musicals should be – expertly done, rousing and with a touch of self-irony.


Voerde News

“The solo quartet with the spirited Nivaldo Allves proved their excellent singing and acting training has well paid off.”



“Body control and dance – the direction is rampant with the extra weight that Nivaldo Allves brings to the production. When he turns his back to the audience in his sexy vinyl outfit, it could make some women jealous of the “Sweet Transvestite’s” build or his elegant, yet erotic walk. When he then lets his deep bass notes loose, the audience is noticeably “warmed-up”.  What is hard to believe is that he had just sung with highest emotion all of Jesus’ doubts and despairs on the cross. These are the performers that are responsible for keeping Jesus Christ Superstar the hit it has been for years”


Franken Post

“The Brazilian, Nivaldo Allves: His dance and vocal acrobatics are a stunner!”


Southwest Press

“Nivaldo Allves doesn’t just shine as a dress-wearing, acrobatic, and comically talented alien, he also impresses in the big musical mix with his head voice in Staying Alive, as a fantastic soloist in I Who Have Nothing, as “Jesus”, and as the third woman from “Dream Girls”.


Franken Post

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